No Strings Attached

Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) met as kids at camp.  She comforted him, even though she’s not the “emotionally involved” type.  They have a meet-cute, if you will, as adults.  And after several accidental run-ins, decide they should be friends.  With benefits.

They have their hookups, but want to keep their relationship strictly physical.  No strings attached.  (Get it?)  They agree to stop when one of them starts to fall in love with the other.  Which you know is bound to happen.

As is bound to happen in all rom-coms, they do start to fall for each other.  Rather, one starts feeling more than the other (I won’t reveal which).  If it was a purely mutual attraction, it wouldn’t be much of a movie.  The movie follows their relationship from the beginnings, where everything is going as planned, through the subtle changes, the jealousy, and finally the full-fledged “I love you.”  Will the other finally reciprocate?

I wasn’t expecting a lot from this movie.  Not that I don’t like Ashton or Natalie.  Just the premise.  As it turns out, the movie is much funnier than anticipated.  I found myself laughing through a good majority of the movie.  And it didn’t get too heavy with the sappy stuff.  If you’re looking for a funny rom-com, this one is worth the trip to the Redbox.

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