Knight and Day

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) is a former spy who has “gone rogue.”  He has stolen a perpetual energy battery.  The government is after him to get it back.

As he tries to smuggle it to get to a bidder, he hides the device in June Havens’ (Cameron Diaz) luggage as they go through airport security.  He then switches tickets with her so he can take her place on the flight to escape (without her noticing).

When the agents after him realize this, they put June on the flight so he doesn’t try anything funny.  Of course, this flight is loaded with agents after Roy.  Everyone on the plane is after him.  Including the pilots.  After walking away from the crash, Roy tries to protect June from the agents.  June, of course, doesn’t know what’s going on or what to believe.  Fitzgerald (Peter Sarsgaard) sends his men after June and Roy.

Then we get a story that shows that Roy may not have gone rogue after all.  Maybe he’s being set up by Fitzgerald.  Why else would he try to protect June and Simon Feck (Paul Dano), the device’s creator, right?

The movie’s ok.  There are some funny parts.  And there is some good action.  It’s like the romcom version of Mission Impossible.  Cameron and Tom do well with what they’re given.  But there are parts that are a little hard to swallow.  June goes from being understandably confused and scared to believing Roy and wanting to be part of it rather quickly.  And, like all movies in the romcom-spy genre, the protagonist has almost superhuman powers.  Roy is able to kill everyone on the plain with barely a scratch.

Overall, not a bad movie, if you realize it’s a romcom-spy movie.  Just don’t set your expectations super high.  If you do, you’ll wonder why I said it was ok to watch.

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