30 Minutes or Less

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) doesn’t have much going for him.  He works as a pizza delivery guy.  Every pizza that doesn’t reach its destination in 30 minutes comes out of his paycheck.  He has a huge fight with his best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari) which pretty much ends the friendship.  Chet splitting up Nick’s parents and Nick sleeping with Chet’s sister can do that.

Dwayne (Danny McBride) still lives with his dad, the Major (Fred Ward) and spends all of his time with Travis (Nick Swardson).  The Major won a $10 million lottery jackpot and, since he doesn’t approve of Dwayne’s lifestyle (or Dwayne at all, really) he doesn’t let Dwayne reap any of the benefits.  Dwayne gets the idea to hire a hitman to take out the Major so he can have the money.  And end the never-ending abuse.  He just needs $100,000 to pay the hitman.

If you’re going for murder, you might as well add kidnapping.  That way they won’t pin the bank robbery on you.  Dwayne and Travis kidnap Nick and strap a bomb vest to his chest.  Nick has 10 hours to get them the money or the vest will explode.  Nick has to reconcile with Chet, at least enough to get help with the bank robbery.

After a harrowing escape from the bank, Nick and Chet just have to deliver the money.  Getting the money to Dwayne is where everything seems to go wrong.  Nick finds himself being chased by both the hitman (Michael Pena) and Dwayne.  And a bomb strapped to his chest.

First off, you have to give extra points to the movie for naming one of the leads Dwayne.  You just don’t see this fine name used in movies.  Ever.  I do take offense, however, to the ineptness of this characters.  All of the Dwayne’s I know, or know of, are highly intelligent, able people.  Take Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for example.

Now, about the movie, itself.  It’s funny.  Plain and simple.  Much funnier than I had expected.  To be completely honest, I wasn’t sure it would be that good at all.

Jesse Eisenberg has yet to disappoint me in any of the roles I’ve seen him in.  Nick Swardson is always funny as the sidekick character he almost always find himself playing.  Danny McBride, if you like his style of comedy (as he often plays the same explosion loving character) doesn’t let you down either.  Not to leave out the very funny Aziz Ansari.

I laughed throughout almost the entire movie.  There was something in every scene to entertain.  (Although, I don’t know how much of the humor the rest of the audience at the showing liked.  It seemed we laughed a lot more than everyone else.  Or at least we laughed louder.)  It’s raunchy, inappropriate comedy.  And I most definitely would not bring children that were 10 years old or so to a movie like this (as more than one parent saw fit).  There is a lot of profanity, and a lot of adult terms I wouldn’t want to have to explain.  And some nudity.

What the movie has going for it:  It isn’t a remake (that I know of).  It’s not a superhero movie.  It’s different from most movies I’ve seen lately.  And one of the characters is Dwayne.  So if you want a laugh and vulgarity doesn’t bother you, you’ll want to see 30 Minutes or Less.

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