The Tourist

Elise (Angelina Jolie) is being followed by Scotland yard.  She picks Frank (Johnny Depp), a random man on her flight, to be a stand in for her lover, Alexander Pearce.  Apparently, Alexander has stolen a large amount of money.  Somehow.

Elise drags Frank around with her, all over Venice.  He willingly accepts the role (who wouldn’t?), despite the danger he finds himself in.  Not only is he being followed by the police, but also the gangster from whom the money was stolen.  And he’s not just looking to arrest Alexander.

I feel a lot of the story was left out.  (Not that I have much right to complain, given the scarcity of this review.)  You get almost no backstory on Alexander.  Or Elise.  At least, not that I took away from the movie.  (In all honesty, it has been a while since I watched it, so many details escape me.)

That said, the movie seems to be a showcase for Angelina to traipse about Venice in evening gowns.  Not necessarily a bad way to spend two hours.  The acting was up to par for Johnny and Angelina.  (Minus the action one would expect from both thespians’ careers.)

The movie was a bit predictable and left me feeling empty.

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