Just Go With It

Plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) finds out the woman he’s about to marry isn’t the woman he thought she was.  While wearing his wedding ring in a bar, he finds that it is a great tool to pick up women.  And he uses it to its fullest.

During one of his escapades, this time without the ring on, he meets Palmer (Brooklyn Deckler).  He immediately feels a connection.  But after a night together on the beach, Palmer finds the ring in his pocket.  Demanding an explanation, Danny eventually decides to tell her that he’s leaving his wife.  The only problem, she wants to meet his wife to get confirmation they’re getting a divorce.

In steps his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston).  He convinces her to play the role of his wife.  All is going well until Katherine gets a call from her kids to resolve a sibling issue while the three are together.  Now Palmer wants to meet the kids.

The group, along with Katherine’s “boyfriend who broke up the marriage,” “Dolph” (Nick Swardson) take a trip to Hawaii.  Danny plays the father role to the kids, all to get to his end goal of being with Palmer.  (Not thinking through the fact that if they do end up together, she will find that Katherine is his assistant.)

While there, amongst all the shenanigans, Katherine runs into her college frenemy, Devlin (Nicole Kidman).  Danny agrees to pretend to be Katherine’s husband so she can save face with Devlin.  But as Danny and Katherine spend more time together, Danny wonders if he’s pursuing the right woman.

Let’s set expectations.  It’s an Adam Sandler movie.  First off, that means all Sandler’s friends are in the movie.  (Which left me wondering, how do I get to be one of his friends?)  What I’m saying is, it’s Sandler style comedy.  And I must say, it’s one of his finest.

I enjoy this type of comedy.  If it’s done well.  Which this is.  Nick Swardson is hilarious.  As always.  And Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and even Dave Matthews hold their own.  And the kids in the movie (Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck) did as good a job as any of the adults.  There weren’t many scenes where I wasn’t laughing.

The story is formulaic and a bit predictable.  But it’s how you get to that predicted end that keeps you highly entertained.  But if Sandler and Aniston aren’t your cup of tea, well, why would you even consider this movie?  Ya know?

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