Nev is a photographer based in New York.  He is contacted via Facebook by Abby, an 8-year-old painter from Michigan.  She wants permission to make a painting from one of his photographs.

After seeing her painting, Nev becomes intrigued by her talent.  The two communicate rather frequently, regarding each others’ artwork.  Abby sends packages including paintings and other gifts for Nev and his brother, Ariel, a filmmaker, and Ariel’s partner, Henry.

Nev becomes friends with Abby, her mother, Angela, and Abby’s sister, Megan.  He eventually finds himself in a long-distance relationship with Megan.

Henry and Ariel, being the filmmakers they are, are filming all Nev’s interactions with the family.  They find they get a much more interesting film than they had originally planned.

The trick to reviewing this film is to let you experience the story as it unfolds.  It’s a documentary.  This means that it’s not an action-packed movie. It also means it doesn’t have the polish and production quality that “blockbuster” films have.  I find all of this actually adds to the film.

It also means that it’s real.  And really interesting.  It’s a story that Hollywood couldn’t write.  The nerve that it takes for the guys to go to some of the lengths they do is amazing.  I don’t know that I could, or would do what they do.  And you get to experiences the range of emotions Nev goes through, as he’s facing it.  It’s a fascinating journey.

All I can say is, watch the movie.  You’ll find yourself engrossed in the story.

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