Puss in Boots

Puss (Antonio Banderas) was left at an orphanage as a kitten.  There, he met Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis).  The two become best friends with great plans for the future.

Until Puss becomes an outlaw in the town.  Now, Puss makes his way from town to town, doing whatever he needs to get his next meal.  And trying to find a way to pay back a great debt.

Years later, Puss meets Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek).  Together with Humpty, the trio concocts a plan to get untold riches.  With Humpty’s brain, Kitty’s soft paws, allowing her to steal almost anything undetected, and Puss’ amazing swordsmanship, they are going to steal magic beans from Jack (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jill (Amy Sedaris).

The magic beans will grow the magic beanstalk which will take them to the giant’s castle.  From there, they plan to steal the goose who lays the golden eggs.  Puss will be able to repay his debt, redeem himself, and the three can live wealthily ever after.  Who knows, maybe Kitty can even get Puss to put aside the animal magnetism and debonair ways with the ladies.

I hate movies with twists.  It makes giving a synopsis difficult.  That’s not something I thought I would say very often about an animated movie.  This is why I am so vague.  There are several plot twists that make the story what it is, and I want you to experience them as they come.

This is a fun movie.  I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids.  It’s the story of how Puss became who he is, leading up to the Shrek movies.  And if I’m being honest, Puss in Boots is as good as any of the Shreks.  If not even better.

The story is good.  It provides plenty of comedic moments.  I laughed almost the entire movie.  Many times, out loud.  They throw in plenty of jokes for the adults, much like the movies it came from.

The casting was about perfect.  Antonio, Salma, and Zach work and play nicely together.  Although, a good deal of that came from the writing team, no doubt.  There is enough to keep you interested.  And it never gets heavy or over the top.

I expected it would be pretty funny.  And I wasn’t let down.  In fact, I was surprised at just how good the movie was.

I attended a free screening (Thanks, again, Buzzbo!), so, of course, the 3D was worth seeing.  (In my opinion, as long as it doesn’t become a gimmick in the film, everything should be done in 3D.  Just keep the cost down.  I’ve got six kids to pay the extra price for.)

Take your kids to see this movie.  You’ll all have a good time.  If you don’t have kids, go ahead and see it anyway.  It’s worth the hour and a half of your day for some light-hearted entertainment.

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