The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are finally getting married. It’s been a long time coming. Jake (Taylor Lautner) finds out they are planning to consummate their marriage on their wedding night. This doesn’t set too well with him. Part of his unhappiness is that vampires often don’t realize their own strength. Edward could easily kill Bella during the act.

As Bella and Edward are enjoying their honeymoon, Bella finds herself pregnant. And the pregnancy is moving along at a ridiculously rapid pace. When Jake and his werewolf pack find out about the pregnancy, they know something must be done. Vampires and werewolves have a pact that they will protect the humans. But this vampire/human offspring will be dangerous. It could destroy the pack, and start attacking humans. They decide that they must kill Bella before the baby is born.

Along with the threat from the werewolves, the baby is killing Bella from the inside. Literally. Can Edward save her from the baby? Now that Jake has decided to go against his pack to save Bella, and brought along a couple other werewolves, this has created a civil war.

I have seen most of the films in the saga. And I have the same feeling about all of them. The underlying story is fine. But it’s been done to death. Or, undeath, as it were. I have the same obvious issues as most people, namely that vampires die in sunlight. Not sparkle. My main complaint is the story telling. They crawl along at a painfully slow pace. The action is too little and too spaced out. There’s little build up and no resolution.Realistically, they could have almost taken the entire “epic” and compressed it into one almost acceptable film. And splitting this final chapter into two separate films, that’s an obvious play for money. They want everyone to pay twice to sit through this dreck.

Couple that with the almost unwatchable acting, and it makes for a very disappointing saga. I watched these movies for one purpose, and one purpose alone. To have watched these movies. After the first one I sat through, which was actually the second film in the series, I knew I was in for a bad ride. Luckily, the RedBox didn’t have the original movie in when I went to watch it. And I was told that was the worst, as far as being slow and uneventful. I can only imagine how poorly done that “film” is.

The only people who will appreciate this film are the same ones who appreciated anything in this series. The diehard fans. It’s marketed for them, and them alone. Unless you fall into that category, I’d recommend steering clear of anything Twilight. Yes, I will be sitting through the final execrable installment. It’s my penance for sitting through the first several films. I feel I must see this through to its dreadful end.

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