We’re the Millers

David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is a pot dealer. After helping his young, naïve neighbor, Kenny (Will Poulter) rescue Casey (Emma Roberts), a young homeless girl, from a group of guys trying to steal her phone, the gang turns their attention to David. They take his stash of pot and all the cash he has in his apartment. David then has to go to Brad (Ed Helms), his supplier, and tell him what happened. As expected, Brad isn’t happy. Brad demands David go to Mexico and pick up a smidge of pot from the drug lord.

David realizes that he would never make it across the border on his own, looking like the pot dealer he is. He decides to clean up his look and get Kenny, Casey and his neighbor, Rose (Jennifer Aniston), a stripper with whom he has a less than amicable relationship, to act as his family. A family in an RV on a vacation is the perfect cover.

The pickup goes without a hitch. At the border, the Millers meet Don (Nick Offerman) and Edie Fitzgerald (Kathryn Hahn) and their daughter Melissa (Molly Quinn). They’re an annoying, conservative family returning from their own RV adventure in Mexico. When the Millers’ RV breaks down, due to the weight of the “smidge” of pot and David’s driving, the Fitzgeralds rescue the stranded Millers. The two families spend a campfire game filled night in the woods.

When the MIllers go to pick up their now repaired RV from the mechanic, Pablo Chacon (Tomer Sisley) and his henchman (Matthew Willig) are waiting for them. The shipment they picked up wasn’t for Brad. They unwittingly stole from the drug lord, and he’s not happy. The family has to find a way to escape and deliver the drugs to Brad.

I love the cast of this movie. Jason Sudeikis is never not funny. Ed Helms and Nick Offerman are no slouches, either. And, as much as people may not like her, Jennifer Aniston can hold her own in a comedy. She has come a long way since Friends.

The story is what it is. It’s a setup for a goofy, feel-good “family” road trip. A “let’s throw polar opposites at each other and see what happens” kind of movie. It is what it is.

One of the funniest moments in the movie is during Jennifer Aniston’s, who definitely takes care of herself and likes to show it off (see also Horrible Bosses), stripper routine that I’m sure you’ve seen in the trailer. Jason Sudeikis looks directly at the camera as if to say, “Yes. We know this is gratuitous. We know it’s completely irrelevant to the plot. But have you seen Jen?” All in one look. It’s very Jim Halpert from The Office.

I was happy to see a short gag reel during the closing credits. This used to be a staple of good comedies. Lately, it has been reserved for action movies to tease their sequels. I would like to see the gag reel make a comeback.

I wanted to love this film. It had such potential. It’s not a bad movie. I just wanted it to be funnier.

We're the Millers

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