Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is a London constable. Perhaps one of the best. And he does everything by the book. Including correcting everyone who refers to it as the “police force.” He takes his vocation very seriously. The problem is, he is making the rest of his precinct look bad. His sergeant (Martin Freeman) informs him that he is being transferred to the small crime-free village of Sandford.Nicholas is upset that he is being to sent to a town where there isn’t much for someone of his caliber to do, but he has no choice.

Upon arrival, Nicholas immediately making arrests, even before he is supposed to start his new position. One of his arrests, for drunk driving, turn out to be Police Constable Danny Butterman (Nick Frost). His new partner. Danny is also the son of Inspector Frank Butterman (Jim Broadbent). As expected, the rest of the Sandford police service don’t like him any more than his previous coworkers. They preferred their laid-back ways, not Angel’s by-the-book methods.

Nicholas is introduced to the local Neighborhood Watch. It includes all the important members of the village. They are focused on removing anything they see as unfit and likely to cost them the title of “Village of the Year.”

As Nicholas spends more time in the village, he notices that most of what the locals refer to as “accidents” appear to be actual crimes. His naïve partner, Danny, follows him around, not sure what to believe. As the accidents become more frequent, Nicholas is determined to solve the crimes, no matter the cost.

Hot Fuzz is the second installment in Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy. Again, what links these films is stylistic similarities and some thematic elements, along with the appearance of Cornetto ice cream. This time, the flavor is the original blue Cornetto, to represent the police force.

If you have read my review for Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End, the other 2 films in the trilogy, I have covered how well the cast performs together. Hot Fuzz is no different. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or tea and crumpets, as it were. No complaints here.

As for the story, I would say this is my second favorite of the trilogy. As the series continues, I like the films a little less. That is not to say that this and The World’s End aren’t good, fun films. I just think that they aren’t quite as funny as Shaun of the Dead. As I’ve said before, all 3 films work best as a set.

The highlight of the film is Angel’s action/cop movie inspired attempt to rid the town of the real evil-doers. It helps if you have seen the movies Danny Butterman coerces Angel to watch to catch some of the subtle references. Very nice touch.

As with Shaun of the Dead, I was harassed into seeing this movie after admitting that I had not seen them. I’m glad I caved. I’m assuming after my previous recommendations for the other Cornetto films, you have seen both. Definitely pick up the installment. You don’t want to leave that nagging hole in the middle.

Hot Fuzz

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