The Croods

The CroodsGrug (Nicolas Cage) is a caveman. His duty is to protect his family. His wife, Ugga (Catherine Keener), daughters, Eep (Emma Stone) and Sandy (Randy Thom), son, Thunk (Clark Duke), and mother in law, Gran (Cloris Leachman). To make sure they are not eaten by any of the prehistoric beasts, they all must be in the cave by sundown. He teaches them to be afraid of everything. Only that fear can keep them safe.

Eep is tired of being cooped up in the cave. She longs for something more. She sneaks out one night and explores the area. She meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a knowledgeable, resourceful caveman. He tells her about the end of the world coming, telling her that they must head to somewhere safe.

When an earthquake destroys their cave, Eep and her family meet up with Guy. Grug, being afraid of everything, is leery about letting Guy guide them to safety. As they face a number of creatures they had never seen before, Grug has the brilliant idea that they all must head somewhere safe to avoid certain death. He reluctantly takes Guy with them.

As with all prehistoric adventures, The Croods focuses on some sort of environmental change that prompts the protagonists to head to a new land, facing off against previously unseen dangers.

This movie is much better than expected for a Nicolas Cage vehicle. I actually don’t mind him in this role. In fact, Grug suits Cage perfectly. The rest of the cast fit their characters, as well. If you’re looking for an old woman in a comedy role, you have two choices: Betty White or Cloris Leachman. They made the right choice with Cloris Leachman. Her acerbic tone fits Gran better than Betty White’s sweeter voice. Ryan Reynolds pulls off Guy, even without using his abs to entice the ladies.

There is plenty of comedy and even some touching moments in The Croods. Belt, Guy’s belt/pet, acts as a comedic hype man, but everyone else plays their part in adding to the comedy. Emma Stone and, yes, even Nicolas Cage will have you laughing throughout the movie. Surprising, I know. And when things take a lightly more serious note, both pull their weight.

If you are into animated prehistoric movies, this one is definitely a decent choice.

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