Interview: Jose Byers from Captain America 2

A while ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a man named Jose Byers through a mutual friend. Jose had the fortune of getting cast as an extra in Marvel’s latest blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He plays one of the swat team members. While it may not be a starring role, I can’t imagine a more exciting way to start your acting career. Jose was kind enough to let me interview him and get a little behind the scenes information from someone so close to the action.

Is this your first film?

This is my first Major motion picture

How did you get to be in Captain America?

I went to an Audition that was held in Cleveland. I was told there were over 5,000 guys who auditioned!

What kind of hours did you have to work while filming?

We worked anywhere from 8-10 hours each day we filmed (8 days in total)

What was a typical day of filming like?

Very high energy and LOTS of action!!

What all was served up by craft services?

The food was amazing. We had everything from steak and lobster to candy and bubble gum every single day.

Which cast members did you meet?

Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Frank Grillo, Robert Redford, Sebastain Stan, Anthony Mackie, Maximiliano Hernández, and Callan Mulvey

How did they treat the extras?

They treated them great!!! Like they were the main cast.

Who was your favorite?

Robert Redford. He was very professional and sharp. Any aspiring actor should watch his films and take notes. it was an honor to get to see him work in person!!

Most importantly, how hot is Scarlett Johansson in person?

Extremely HOT!!! The camera does her no justice…LOL

How much, if any, of the script did you get to read beforehand?

None really, because I did not have any speaking lines. The only part of a script I read was for the audition which was only a couple of lines. Marvel is very secret with all of their movies!!!!

What did you think of the finished film?

I loved it!! It was cool to see how it was all put together. I knew what was going on when I filmed but we did not know the whole story. Great Job Marvel!!!

Any interesting stories you’d like to share?

There was a scene where we were storming a school (Cleveland State College) and some students must have not be informed that we were filming that day. So here we come walking down the street with our guns and one female student starts freaking out, yelling, “What’s going on? What are you guys doing”!!! It was funny for us on set, but I guess not for her. One of our production guys had to talk to her and clam her down.

Thanks for taking the time for my readers, Jose. We wish you the best of luck with your career.

Sure. Thank you so much!!

Jose assures me that we will get the opportunity to do more interviews in the future. “I have a few more BIG things lined up!” I can’t wait, Jose.

If you haven’t seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier yet, what are you waiting for?







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