That Awkward Moment

That Awkward MomentWhen Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) finds out his wife has been cheating on him, naturally, he leaves to stay with his friend, Jason (Zac Efron). Jason loves his single lifestyle. He and their other friend, Daniel (Miles Teller) relish each conquest. They pride themselves in building their “roster,” the list of women they hook up with, but never stick around long enough to get in a relationship.

Jason and Daniel promise to stay single, in solidarity with Mikey. Not that there is much danger of any of them finding their way into being someone’s boyfriend, since they are both such womanizers.

And then Jason meets Ellie (Imogen Poots). He meant for Ellie to just be one of the many women on his roster. She finds a way to penetrate his “cool” exterior, working her way more and more into his life. Jason starts to develop real feelings for her. Until he is called out on it by Daniel and Mikey. This causes Jason to regress into his old habits.

Jason hasn’t exactly been keeping to the promise to stay single, either. He is sneaking around, trying to make things work with his estranged wife. Things are also starting to get serious between Daniel and the group’s “wing-woman,” Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis). Chelsea is usually responsible for setting up women for Daniel to add to his roster. During a night of hanging out alone, Daniel and Chelsea find themselves at the beginning of a relationship.

When things start to get too real, Jason’s world starts collapsing around him as he pushes Ellie and his friends away. Things really blow up during an awkward holiday gathering at Chelsea’s house.

That Awkward Moment is about a group of guys who realize that their never get attached attitude is only leading them down a path to loneliness. They have to grow up or face a future by themselves. Or something like that.

I enjoy Miles Teller. When he’s used properly. He has good comedic timing and delivery. Granted, most of his characters are pretty similar. Zac Efron, on the other hand, plays a wide gamut of roles. From the romantic shirtless guy, wooing women to the typical shirtless frat guy, working his way through lists of women lining up to hook up with him. As much as many won’t admit it, he usually does a decent job regardless of the role he’s in. Again, when he’s used properly.

In this movie, neither of them are. Instead, we’re handed gratuitous Viagra jokes and every other bro comedy cliché you can think of. For the most part, every attempt to make this movie funny, or try to have a touching moment, falls on its face. Even Mackenzie Davis and Imogen Poots, the two women in the movie who are supposed to help the guys become better people, are reduced to little more than entries on their rosters.

The trailer hints at “that awkward moment” being when the woman you’re with starts the “So…” talk. It’s the moment when she wonders where it’s going, wanting to get serious. This talk comes up maybe twice in the painful hour and a half.

That awkward moment is when you would rather watch Kevin Hart in Ride Along before sitting through this train wreck again.

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