My Man is a Loser

My Man is a LoserMarty (Michael Rappaport) and Paul (Bryan Callen) run a marketing company. Running their business takes up all their time, leaving their family life lacking. They are consumed with winning a large Australian account at all costs. With their marriages not going as well as they would have hoped, Marty and Paul, turn to their single friend, Mike (John Stamos) for help. With the help of one of the women who works at his bar, Clarissa (Tika Sumpter), Mike shows the married men some tricks to help with their ladies.

Marty and Paul try taking Mike’s advice, and begin changing. Of course, it doesn’t go quite as smoothly as planned. Their wives notice changes in the men, but start to wonder if the changes are actually making them worse. Meanwhile, Mike realizes that maybe the playboy lifestyle leaves something to be desired. Feeling alone, despite his constant rotation of company, Mike picks up some tips about relationships along the way.

My Man is a Loser takes the all too often used plot of unhappy married men turning to the one person they idolize, their single friend, for help, only to have it backfire badly. It’s a story I’ve sat through time and time again. And each time, there is very little variation on the tale. This one is no exception.

The movie starts with one of the guys looking to crash at Mike’s place for the night after his wife kicks him out. It then rewinds to show the events leading up to that moment. After not spending any time actually with their families, the married men spend time with the single guy, hoping to put the pep back in their marriages. This leads to all types of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of what is really happening. But, again, we’ve seen this story countless times. And we are given nothing new in this telling.

Where the movie really loses credibility is when Paul laments his life, saying he wishes it were more like Mike’s, Mike tells Paul doesn’t want his life. His biggest regret? Financial problems that accompany owning a bar. Not that he’s lonely. Not that he wants more. That his bar is having money troubles. Oh yeah, and don’t you dare leave my sister. Did I mention that Mike is Paul’s brother-in-law?

The movie wants to be funny. It just doesn’t try hard enough. Or maybe it tries too hard.  Either way, it comes up short. The jokes don’t get the proper build up and the punchlines fall flat.

Since nothing new was added to the narrative, it leaves the movie predictable. You can see everything coming well before it happens. The only thing that I didn’t see coming was an impromptu Stamos jam session at the end of the movie. He whips out his guitar and sings a little song. Nowhere in the movie is it mentioned, or even hinted at, that Mike is any sort of musician. With the constant flow of women through his door, I don’t know how he finds time. Nonetheless, that is the least of the movies problems.

If you are looking for some background noise while you work on something else, you could pick up My Man is a Loser. It doesn’t leave much possibility that you will be drawn into the movie, distracting you from whatever task is at hand. Otherwise, pick up just about anything else in the RedBox.

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