HomeThe Boov are a cowardly race. They are afraid of everything. The Boov are constantly seeking new home planets to run from their enemies, the Gorg. Captain Smek (Steve Martin) lead the Boov to Earth, where they plan to settle next. The humans are relocated to an isolated Boov created city, so the Boov can take over their homes.

Oh (Jim Parsons) is a more outgoing, open-minded Boov. He wants to be friends with his fellow Boov, who find him annoying. After mistakenly alerting the Gorg to their new home, Oh becomes a fugitive.

Tip (Rihanna) is a young girl, stranded alone amongst the Boov after her mother, Lucy (Jennifer Lopez) was relocated. After she is discovered, she and her cat, Pig, make an escape in her mother’s car. While on the run from the Boov, Tip runs into Oh. Tip’s hatred for the Boov makes her reluctant to trust Oh, who promises to help Tip find her mother.

Tip and Oh must try to avoid capture by the Boov, find Tip’s mother, and, hopefully, find a way to stop the Gorg.

Perhaps one of my biggest issues with the movie is the star. I’m one of the minority who don’t find The Big Bang Theory funny. (I just don’t get it.) This made it hard to get past Parson’s voice for the entire film. In addition, there is the broken English the Boov use. It’s funny at first, but it gets old quickly. And it never stops. The rest of the cast is fine, though. Even if Steve Martin isn’t given enough to work with.

The story itself is familiar. It doesn’t offer anything we haven’t seen before. The jokes don’t always connect, at least not for the adults. The kids, however will laugh. Where the movie shines is in the graphics. Dreamworks doesn’t disappoint with Home. The world it creates is bright and vivid. The 3D is at the level you expect from the studio.

Overall, Home isn’t a bad movie. It just isn’t a great movie. It isn’t anything memorable. The kids liked it, though. And it does have a good message for them about being brave and taking chances.

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