Grand Opening of the Disney Store at Polaris Fashion Place

This past weekend, the Disney Store at Polaris Fashion Place held a grand opening. Hundreds of eager children, with their parents in tow, lined up to visit the newly remodeled store. They also stood in an unbelievably long line for a chance to get a picture with Mickey and Minnie.
Disney Store - MickeyDisney Store - Mickey line








I spoke with Dani, the store manager, who called me out for not having my Mickey ears on, to find out what makes the new Disney Store special.

“For me, I guess it’s the Columbus ties. I really love that about it. If you look around, our skyline, it has Columbus ties all over it, and it makes it specific to Columbus. It really is our Disney store, versus all other Disney stores.” And it’s true. Landmarks such as the Short North gateway, the Franklin Park Conservatory, and even the downtown skyline are mixed in with the typical Disney landscapes.

Disney Store - Downtown Disney Store - Short North







The store carries everything from classic Mickey and Minnie and friends to all your favorite princesses, even Marvel and Star Wars merchandise. When asked what she expects to be the hot items for Christmas, Dani replied, “May the force be with you!” Star Wars will no doubt be the biggest seller. The store’s theater has been turned into a space station. And they have BB-8s, which will more than likely fly off the shelves. Frozen is also still as popular as ever.

My 6-year-old daughter, who wanted to contribute, requested that I ask Dani if she liked Big Hero 6, to which she replied, “Of course!” and gave me a Baymax fist bump to pass along.

Disney Store - Castle Disney Store

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