Point Break

Point BreakJohnny “Utah” (Luke Bracey) was an extreme sports multi-athlete. After an unfortunate accident, Johnny gives up his adrenaline seeking ways to join the FBI.

Johnny realizes that some seemingly unrelated crimes are actually a group of extreme criminals are trying to complete a legendary set of extreme feats. They are using the haul from the crimes to fund their efforts. Even though he is young and doesn’t have much experience, given his background, he is the best choice to work this case.

Johnny goes undercover as an extreme sports enthusiast to try to make his way into the gang of criminals. He meets Bodhi (Édgar Ramírez), the leader of the group. Bodhi sees potential in Johnny, and quickly invites him into his circle.

As the crimes progress and they complete the tasks, lines get blurred. Johnny gets close to the criminals he is chasing, becoming friends. But he still has a job to do. When the time comes, will Johnny be able to bring Bodhi and his gang of extreme criminals in to pay for their crimes?

Point Break is a remake of the 1991 film of the same name starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Full disclosure, I have not seen the original. It is on my list, but once I heard a remake was coming, I put it on hold. I wanted to go in with no preconceptions. I wanted to see if it could hold up as its own film, without having the original to compare it to.

From what I am told, this year’s version has very little in common with the 1991 version. The main characters are named Bodhi and Johnny Utah. There’s surfing. There’s a bank robbery. Sure, there are subtle nods to the original. During one of the crimes, the gang is wearing a version of masks of presidents. But the similarities end there.

Given that Johnny Utah is a self-proclaimed extreme sports multi-athlete, a point that is made more than once, it is no surprise that the film looks like an extreme sports video. Almost the entire movie looks like a GoPro video. It isn’t so much from the actor’s point of view, but rather shot after shot of these activities as they take place. It’s almost as if they wanted to make a feature-length film out of these videos, then realized they needed a story. So they figured, why not Point Break? It has surfing. We can “update” it to include all kinds of extreme sports. We’ll even make the surfing extreme.

The acting comes off as you would expect from a film of this type. The writing and dialog come second to the action. The lion’s share of the budget obviously went to stunts and visual effects. Unfortunately, though, the action shots aren’t enough to carry the film.

If you enjoy watching or participating in extreme sports, then there is a chance you will enjoy Point Break. If you are going in hoping to relive some of the Keanu/Swayze glory, you will be sorely disappointed. I’m torn on my recommendations for this film. I would say if you are planning to see it, wait for the RedBox to get it. However, to appreciate the film for what it is trying to be, you should really see it on the big screen in 3D. Given the choice of films in theaters right now, though, see one of the good ones. I recommend The Big Short or another viewing of The Force Awakens.

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