Angry Birds

Angry BirdsRed (Jason Sudeikis) doesn’t really get along with the other birds on Bird Island. He lives alone in a house on the beach, far away from the city. His only friends are Bomb (Danny McBride) and Chuck (Josh Gad) that he met in his court-mandated anger management sessions.

One day, a boat lands on Bird Island. On the boat are 2 green pigs, Leonard (Bill Hader) and Ross (Tony Hale). Leonard tells the birds they are explorers. Red, however, is suspicious of the pigs.

As the pigs dazzle the flightless birds with their slingshot and trampolines, Red, Bomb, and Chuck decide to investigate. When Red tries to warn the other birds of the potential danger the pigs pose, they dismiss it as Red being Red.

When all the eggs on the island disappear, though, attitudes change. The birds now look to Red to lead the mission to retrieve the eggs.

Angry Birds the movie is based on Angry Birds the game.If you’re not familiar with the game, you use a slingshot to launch the birds in an attempt to defeat the pigs and save the eggs. The movie digs into the story behind the game to tell you how and why the pigs have the eggs and why the birds are so angry.

The casting on the movie is pretty stellar. You’ve got a handful of SNL alumni, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Kate McKinnon. Alongside them are Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Tony Hale, and Keegan-Michael Key, who is trying to continue his streak of appearing in every movie ever made.We even get heavy hitters Sean Penn and Peter Dinklage. Although, Dinklage is wasted as Mighty Eagle, a character who seems irrelevant if you are not familiar with the game. In fact, he seems pretty irrelevant even if you are familiar. It feels like a publicity grab to cash in on Dinklage’s current popularity.

The biggest issue with the movie is the script. The premise works well enough for a game, but when stretching it into a full-length movie, it wears thin. At points, it comes across as a tutorial for a game that I don’t know if anyone even plays anymore. A good portion of the jokes either go on too long (a particular scene with Mighty Eagle making his first appearance) or just don’t connect at all. It was disappointing. That said, the cast did the best they could with the material they were working with.

Visually speaking, the film is well done and will definitely appeal to its young target audience. The landscapes are bright and pop off the screen. The action, when it starts, is fast paced and mimics the game (probably more than it needs to). The characters’ cuteness almost makes up for the lack of story. Thankfully, it clocks in at just over an hour and a half.

With little competition, Angry Birds will likely do better than it deserves, especially with many kids getting out of school right around the release. Kids and fans of the game will most likely enjoy the movie. However, I would recommend waiting for the RedBox or skipping all together.

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