Alice Racine (Noomi Rapace) works as a caseworker in London. She quit working in the field as a CIA agent after she was unable to stop terrorists behind an attack in Paris. After meeting up with Eric Lasch (Michael Douglas), she is pulled onto a new case.

Yazid Khaleel (Makram Khoury) has acquired a biological weapon he plans to use on an American target in London. He arranges for a courier to deliver the weapon to David Mercer (Michael Epp). When the courier is caught, Alice is brought in to “unlock” him in order to get information on how they can stop Mercer and Khaleel.

Things quickly take a dangerous turn, leaving Alice unsure of who she can trust. She finds herself with former soldier Jack Alcott (Orlando Bloom), hoping he can help her escape the people trying to stop her, while she tries to stop the biological attack.

Unlocked is a typical stopping the terrorists while facing double cross after double cross film. It is enjoyable enough, but doesn’t really add anything to the genre.

The cast is filled with A-listers: John Malkovich, Michael Douglas, Orlando Bloom, Toni Collette. All do their best to support the film’s star, Noomi Rapace. Rapace’s performance is serviceable as an agent drawn back into the action. We know she is reluctant to get back into the field after she failed to stop a previous attack, but we don’t get any real connection to that incident. We are given sparse details through a handful of flashbacks and little else. The supporting actors feel as if they were added to the film simply for star appeal. Their characters feel disjointed without much to tie them to the story.

The story is one we’ve seen many times before. A former agent must overcome obstacles from their past to save the world. Of course, you can’t trust the people closest to you. If you can set aside the fact you’ve seen this before and you can see some things coming from a mile away, it makes for some mindless entertainment. The action has enough tension to keep it interesting, even if the story as a whole doesn’t.

Unlocked wraps up the summer movie season that hasn’t been too spectacular. It isn’t a flashy film, but it gets the job done. It is available On Demand the same day it opens in theaters. I would recommend going with the On Demand when you’re looking for a movie to watch at home.

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