Thor: Ragnarok

After Odin (Anthony Hopkins) tells them Ragnarok, the prophesied destruction of Asgard and its entire civilization, is upon them, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) rush home to try to stop it.

While trying to stop Hela (Cate Blanchett) from reaching Asgard, Thor finds himself hammer-less and stranded on a remote planet. He is captured by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a local scavenger. Valkyrie sells Thor to the leader of the planet called the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum). Grand Master holds gladiator style events in his coliseum. Grandmaster tells Thor that if he can beat the champion, he will be allowed to leave. Desperate to get home and save his planet, Thor agrees. When he sees his opponent is the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), he knows luck is on his side. Only, the Hulk is solely focused on winning the match.

Thor must find a way to beat Hulk, make his way back to Asgard to stop Hela and save his planet.

Thor: Ragnarok is the third installment in the Thor franchise, and definitely its most successful film.

Teaming up Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo is a winning combination. I liked the back and forth of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in the first Avengers film, but Ragnarok blows that out of the water. Thor and Hulk are such natural friends/rivals, I’m sad it hasn’t been explored before. Pairing the two is absolute genius. Cate Blanchett is the main villain in the movie. When she’s not outright dispatching entire armies, most of her evilness is more in the form of subtle manipulation. She fills the role perfectly. Tessa Thompson is Valkyrie, former Asgardian warrior turned scavenger. Torn between existing in her present life, and recognizing her newest prisoner is the prince of her home planet, she wrestles with what is the right thing to do. When she returns to her roots, she kicks some ass. Jeff Goldblum adds his quirky charms to the film as the leader of the garbage planet. He is a great addition to the movie, fitting the tone perfectly.

The first Guardians of the Galaxy set the benchmark for comedy in the superhero world. Sure, Tony Stark was dripping with sarcasm and had his share or witty banter with various characters. Ragnarok blows all of this away. Not only is it one of the funniest films of the year, it is easily the funniest superhero movie ever made. With help from a bevy of supporting characters, including director Taika Waititi, Thor and Hulk display a level of humor fitting of a god and a Hulk. The best part is that they didn’t have to sacrifice the story or any of the action to make it this funny.

Speaking of action, it is non-stop. The opening scene ends with a massive battle, and it doesn’t slow down. Whether it’s Thor battling demons then the Hulk, Hela taking on the Asgardian army, or Thor and his team trying to save the planet, the action fills the entire screen, yet never seems busy.

Thor: Ragnarok takes Thor movies, and the entire superhero genre to a new level. It is definitely one you won’t want to miss. Spend the extra and see it in IMAX 3D, if you can. It is worth it. I don’t know how Marvel is going to top this one.

There are 2 end credit scenes, so make sure you stick around for both.


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