The Switch

Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) have been best friends forever (forget what Harry Met Sally says about men and women not able to be friends).  They’re getting older, and Kassie wants a baby.  She gets “help” from a donor.  During the Impregnation Party, Wally, after an incident influenced by a pill from Kassie’s friend (Juliette Lewis), replaces the donor’s “help” with his own.

Fast forward seven years (I somehow missed why they were apart for so long and how best friends have not seen each other in seven years, even if they were across the country).  Kassie is back in town and wants to get together with Wally to catch up on old times, and so he can meet her son, Sebastian (some kid (Thomas Robinson)).

After spending time with Sebastian, Wally, who remembers the incident at the party and realizes that Sebastian not only has a lot of Wally’s quirks.  He is actually Wally’s son.  While she is in town, Kassie admits there is a sort of spark between her and Wally, complicated by Kassie’s dating of the donor.

With help from his friend and/or coworker (Jeff Goldblum) (again, I somehow missed exactly what their connection is.  I must have been getting a snack or something.  Or I fell asleep.  No idea.), Wally must try to find a way to tell Kassie what happened.  And that he loves her.  (I guess Harry Met Sally was right after all.)

Anytime Jason Bateman or Jeff Goldblum are in a movie, I pretty much assume it’s going to be a riotous comedy.  Put the two together and, well, you have a doubly riotous comedy.  That’s a mistaken assumption with this movie.  While it has its funny parts, The Switch is more of a chick flick-ish comedrama (a term I coined for the comedic drama genre.  Don’t let others fool you into thinking it is their own term.  I came up with this long before they did).  That said, it is a good movie.  A touching story about a man trying to be a father to a son he never planned to have.  And a boy longing for a family, stuck with a “father” he can’t relate to.

If you know this going into it, you won’t be expecting to laugh as much as I expected.  And you won’t be waiting for the funny points.  Instead, you’ll just enjoy the movie for what it is.

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