Tron: Legacy

Twenty-some years ago, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) got sucked into the video game Tron. He joined forces with the star of the game, its namesake, Tron (Bruce Boxleitner).

The opening sequence of the new installment has Kevin filling in his son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund), on his obsession with creating a world based on what he saw in the video game.

When Kevin disappears, Sam knows where he has gone and goes to find him. Sam finds himself in the world his father created.

Going up against the system, Sam gets help from Qorra (Olivia Hott, I mean Wilde). Qorra takes Sam to his father. Together they must find a way to stop Clu (also Jeff Bridges), the program based on Kevin that runs the cyber world. Tron, Kevin’s once ally, is helping Clu try to find their way into the real world. Can they stop the programs from escaping? Can they escape the world themselves?

The action is better than I remember from the original. And the effects are obviously much better. But the games and action scenes borrow heavily from the original. (Don’t worry, you’ll see the lightcycles and the frisbees.)

The story itself isn’t too bad. And the acting is pretty good. Although, Jeff Bridges does seem to slip into “The Dude” from time to time.

Overall, if you liked the original (those of you old enough to remember) or you like video game based scifi (I’m guessing there will be an updated Tron game at your local arcade any day now. What? They don’t make arcades anymore? What is this world coming to?), you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t.

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