E.B. (Russell Brand) is the heir to the Easter Bunny legacy.  The problem is, he squanders all of his money and acts a fool all the time.  He has been given an ultimatum, give up his life of debauchery…No…wrong movie.

E.B. (Russell Brand) is a drummer that must get to Hollywood for a big performance to save a theater on the brink of financial ruin.  The intern has 72 hours to get him there for the…No…wrong movie, again.

E.B. (Russell Brand) is next in line to be the Easter Bunny.  The only problem?  He doesn’t want to be the Easter Bunny.  He wants to be a drummer.  On the eve of his coronation as Easter Bunny, and just days before Easter, E.B. runs away to Hollywood to pursue his dream.

Alone and homeless, he blackmails Fred O’Hare (James Marsden), whose name I didn’t realize was O’Hare until literally about 20 minutes before the end of the movie, to give him a place to stay after Fred “hit” E.B. with his car.

Fred is the ne’er-do-well son whose father always wants more and has come to his wit’s end with his mooching son.  Fred finally is forced to get his act together when he gets kicked out.

With E.B. missing, Carlos (Hank Azaria), the #2 in command on Easter Island (yes, the one with the big stone faces), and a chick (in the literal, baby chicken sense, not in the slangy female sense), tries to take over as the Easter Bunny.  Seizing his opportunity, Carlos traps all the bunnies and wields the scepter that gives the Easter Bunny his powers (much akin to Santa Claus powers).

Can Fred and E.B. save Easter and E.B.’s father?  Can E.B. achieve fame and fortune on “Hoff Knows Talent” (yes, The Hoff makes an appearance!)?  Dun…dun…dun…

The movie opens with a scene showing how Easter candy is made.  While one of the kids gasped and wowwed in awe at the sight, I’ve been to the Hershey factory.  This is NOT how it’s done.  At all.  I found it hard to suspend belief during this scene.  You can’t take these sorts of creative liberties.  It’s irresponsible.

Easter Bunny headquarters is on Easter Island.  So why is it that E.B. has a British accent?  It just doesn’t make…and it was at this point in my thought process that I got the Easter Island joke.  It was about ten minutes into the movie before I made the connection.  I’m dumb.

That being said, this movie is much better than I was expecting.  I laughed throughout the entire movie.  While I would say it’s appropriate for kids, it’s not as juvenile as I thought it would be.  There was enough to keep the kids and the adults entertained.  I’d venture to say it’s one of the best “kid movies” I’ve seen in a long time.   Since it’s Easter and all, take your family to see it.  None of you will be disappointed.

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