How Do You Know

Reese Witherspoon is an aging athlete on the US Olympic softball team.  She doesn’t realize she’s been cut from the team this year.

Reese’s character (No idea) is dating Owen Wilson (Don’t know his character name either).  Owen is a professional baseball player. Emphasis on the “player.”  He has a drawer full of toothbrushes and a closet full of women’s clothing all with tags still on.  Giving the implication that he essentially has an assembly line of women through his life.

Paul Rudd (your guess for his character’s name is as good as mine) works at his father’s (Jack Nicholson) company.  The company is being investigated for securities fraud.  Paul has been set up with Reese on a blind date at some point (don’t know when) by someone (don’t know who).  They go out.  As friends.  I guess.

That’s as much as I got from this movie.  I have no idea what was going on, who was who, or why I should care.  It doesn’t help that I fell asleep but those who stayed awake didn’t have any more idea than I did.

With this many hard hitters of this caliber, I expected much more.  The funniest part of the movie is when your wife tells you the next NetFlix movie came, you (knowing what has been shipped) say, “How do you know?”  She’ll say, “Ummm. It came in the mail.”  Seriously.  That and the Owen Wilson scene mentioned above.  That’s it.

When asked “How do you know?” tell them you don’t.  And you don’t want to.


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