The Mechanic

Arthur (Jason Statham) is a contract killer. (Big surprise. When isn’t he?) He works for a “corporation” that gives out “assignments” to “mechanics” for people who need to be assassinated. Of course, Arthur is the best there is. I mean, it’s Jason Statham. C’mon.

And, of course, he gets an assignment to kill his mentor (Donald Sutherland). Something seems not right with the allegations that he’s an inside man leaking information to others, but he goes ahead with the plan.

His mentor’s son, Steve (Ben Foster), is upset at his father’s murder and wants to hunt down the “carjackers” responsible. He finds himself being Arthur’s protegé. After Steve sloppily executes some of Arthur’s assignments, the two learn the truth about who the real bad guy is. And they go after him. Which is when Steve finds out who really killed his dad. And vows revenge.

When I go to see a Jason Statham movie, I know exactly what kind of movie I’m heading into. Because they’re largely the same movie, more or less. (Don’t get me wrong, Jason has done some movies where he plays a slightly more involved role. And he does these well.) But this is definitely not one of his best movies.

Some of the scenes seem completely random and just thrown in. The writing and story are sub par, even for this genre. The acting is ok. But it’s not something I would sit down and watch again. Ever. In fact, I’m upset that I ended up keeping the Redbox movie for 3 days. I wish I could get my $3.21 back. It’s on the same level as Crank 2. Skip this one.

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