The Hangover Part II

The Wolf Pack is back. This time, Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married. In Thailand. Of course, he invites Phil (Justin Bartha) and Doug (Bradley Cooper). He begrudgingly invites Alan (Zach Galifianakis). Given what happened in Vegas, he is very leery of having Alan around. Who could blame him.

Stu wants the guys’ brunch at IHOP to be his “Bachelor Brunch.” The guys object. When they reach Thailand, Doug and Phil talk him into having one beer on the beach. Stu’s fiance’s brother, Teddy (Mason Lee) comes along. What could happen, right?

The next thing they know, the Wolf Pack wakes up in a seedy hotel in Bangkok. With Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong). And no Teddy. And, of course, they remember nothing. After a shocking death early in the movie, the crew heads into Bangkok to find Teddy. They quickly find that they have wreaked havoc on the poor city.

Stu’s soon to be father in law hates him. He compares Stu to bland rice. How will Stu explain that his father in law’s prized possession, Teddy, his musician/doctor son, is missing in Bangkok? Will the Wolf Pack be able to find Teddy, avoid the thugs after them, and rescue Teddy from the man (Paul Giamatti) who is holding him hostage in time to save Stu’s marriage? If they don’t, not only have they lost Teddy, Stu has lost “everything.”

The naysayers say that if you saw The Hangover, you don’t need to see The Hangover Part II. I say, “Nay.” It’s a sequel of a movie with a particular formula. And the sequel follows the same formula. I’ll give you that. But there is enough new territory covered that it kept me highly entertained. I laughed probably almost as much as I did during the original.

My only issue with the movie is actually with the previews. They give you too many of the funny parts. Not all of them, mind you. There are still plenty that you haven’t seen yet. And you will laugh.

Sure, it’s not going to win an Oscar. Or even be nominated. Or probably even be watched by anyone on the Academy. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see it. If you liked the first Hangover, you want to see Part II. You’ll laugh nonstop. I guarantee it.*

* I make no such guarantee. But unless you’re completed jaded, or don’t like crude humor that will have you saying, “I can’t believe they went there,” I can pretty much guarantee** that you will like this one, too.

** Seriously, there are not guarantees in life. Why do you keep asking for one? It’s a movie. Just go see it.

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