Annie (Kristen Wiig) and Lillian (Maya Rudolph) have been best friends forever. It’s no surprise that Lillian picks Annie to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding.

Annie has a boyfriend (John Hamm) who won’t commit. She also has roommates (Matt Lucas and Rebel Wilson) that are less than ideal people to live with. Her boyfriend’s lack of willingness to commit and her roommates add to the downward spiral of her life. It seems everything she touches turns to crap. In some cases, literally.

Annie has all kinds of pratfalls when it comes to arranging all of the festivities that fall within the duties of the maid of honor. And Lillian’s new friend, Helen (Rose Byrne) doesn’t help. Not only is she perfect, she takes over and steals Annie’s ideas. Oh, the comedic drama!

The hype and buildup to this movie was huge. And the majority of people everywhere are saying it’s the funniest movie in a long time. “The Hangover” for women.

I didn’t have the same experience. I wanted to like it. I tried to like it. I wanted to think it was one of the funniest movies ever. It’s not that it wasn’t good or funny. Because it was both. I think it just couldn’t live up to the hype.

I thought it started slow. It did get better as it went on. The airplane scene was hilarious. And the scene at the dress shop, out of control. But I wouldn’t rank it with the funniest movies ever.

I must be missing something. Maybe I need to see it again. Let me know if you disagree. Except Rob. I know you do.

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