Think Like a Man Too

Think Like a Man TooMichael (Terrence Jenkins) and Candace (Regina Hall) are getting married in Las Vegas. All of their friends are meeting there to be in the wedding. And, more importantly, for a wild night of fun for the bachelor and bachelorette parties the night before.

Michael’s mother, Loretta (Jenifer Lewis) is not supportive at all the wedding. She doesn’t think Candace is good enough for Michael. With her controlling demeanor, she is doing everything she can to sabotage the wedding.

Meanwhile, all the couples are looking forward to their respective parties. Cedric (Kevin Hart), who is currently separated from his own wife, rents the most expensive villa at the hotel. He is the best man, and intends to give Michael the night of his life. He even had flyers printed up for his epic after party, in his villa after the bachelor party. Dominic (Michael Ealy), Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara), Zeke (Romany Malco), known in Vegas as “Zeke the Freak,” and Bennett (Gary Owen) are along for the ride, while their significant others spend the night with Candace.

When Loretta threatens to hijack the girls’ night out, Candace, Mya (Meagan Good), Lauren (Taraji P. Henson), and Kristen (Gabrielle Union) try to find a way out. Loretta definitely won’t approve of the night they have planned. The girls allow Bennett’s wife, Tish (Wendi McLendon-Covey), to tag along, so she doesn’t have to spend the night alone.

The night doesn’t go exactly as planned, as the members of each party all have their own issues to deal with. Issues that find a way to rear their heads during the evening. When the groups finally get the chance to let loose, things don’t go as planned.

Think Like a Man Too tries to take The Hangover and Bridesmaids and combine them into one mega-Vegas fueled debauchery movie. Unfortunately, the movie bites off more than it can chew.

The movie starts off slow. It takes too long to get things moving and get to anything interesting. Once you get to the “action,” where the men and women are out in search of adventure, things pick up a little. However, it gets muddled down a bit by all the separate stories popping up, without enough build up to make them important. A big part of this is due to having too many side stories going at once. All of the main characters have some issue they’re dealing with. There isn’t one completely stable couple in the bunch. Sure, this is probably a bit more realistic, but having everyone have some major hurdle on one trip is too much to cram into an hour and 45 minutes. Then, again, after the night out, the pace slows to a crawl. What momentum the movie had is completely drained as everything is conveniently wrapped up in a nice little package, that you saw coming from the beginning of the movie.

The majority of the cast is fine. For the most part, they work and play well with each other. Although, the movie comes across a little like The Kevin Hart Show. Sure, he has some funny bits, I think it just focuses on him a little too much. Jenifer Lewis, as the strict, conservative mother in law, comes across a bit over the top. Until she’s subdued by the suave Dennis Haysbert. Gary Owen’s token nerdy white guy is a bit too much of a caricature. Other than that, everyone gives exactly the type of performance you expect from a movie like this.

While there were some funny parts here and there, though not quite as many as the audience would lead you to believe, Think Like a Man Too was a bit of a let down. The highlights would definitely be the girls dancing to Bel Biv Devoe’s Poison, and when the guys and girls meet up during the night. The biggest let down would have to be [Spoiler alert] that the much-anticipated after party at the villa not only never happens, it is barely mentioned once you get past the opening of the movie.

If you are planning to see Think Like a Man Too, definitely wait until it is at the RedBox.

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