Two Minute Movies: Focus

Will Smith is back in action in the con man Focus. Here is the spoiler-filled two-minute version.

(Read full review here.)

Nicky: I know.

Jess: What?!? Teach me to be a better criminal.

Nicky: The trick is…Got your ring…you have to…Got your watch…make sure…Got your ring again…people can’t…Got your nose…focus.

Jess: You’re good. Can I get in on your big game?

Nicky: Ok. But only because you’re hot.

Jess: *pickpockets people at Super Bowl*

Jess: Football is boring.

Nicky: Ok. I have a gambling problem. I bet you everyone checks out that chick.

Jess: Ok.

Random Guy: I like to gamble, too. I’ll bet you a bunch of dollars they do a football thing.

Nicky: You’re on. They won’t do a football thing.

*Players do a football thing*

Nicky: Crap. I bet you a million dollars they won’t do another football thing.

Random Guy: I’ll take that bet. Because I carry around stupid amounts of dollars in cash.

*Players do another football thing*

Nicky: Crap. I’ll bet you 2 million dollars I can beat you at war.

Random Guy: You’re crazy. Ok.

*Random Guy wins war*

Nicky: Crap. Double or nothing, I can make you do a stupid bet that I’ve been setting you up for all day.

Random Guy: Crap. I did the stupid bet and lost.

Nicky: Bye, Jess.

Jess: WTF?

3 years later

Nicky: Please allow me to monologue about every detail of the plan we’re about to do.

Racecar Driver Guy: Yes, please do. Make sure you go into extreme detail about every step of the plan.

Nicky: Jess, I love you. Let’s run away.

Jess: I love Racecar Driver Guy.

Nicky: Crap.

Jess: Just kidding. I love you. Let’s run away.

Racecar Driver Guy: Hey, con man. You conned me. I’m gonna kill you and your girlfriend who was my girlfriend this morning.

Nicky: Crap.

Security Guy: *pew* I shot him.

Jess: OMG!

Security Guy: It’s cool. I’m his dad. We have to save his life, so I can steal all the money you stole.

Nicky: Crap.

The End

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